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Yay! lets get the ball rolling! :)

“Let’s DO THIS!”

hell yeah… this is awesome dude. i have a feeling this is going to be printed. the splash, placement, and colors are sick… you got my vote.

for the mean time enjoy the movie:)

You’re awesome, zerobriant. +1


Enough said :)

Sub Zero wins, Fatality! You’re killing it dude! You get my vote.

awesome man +1

Sick texture mate!+1

Not even fair how awesome this is +1

Great shirt Zero +1 for you, for you are like water haha

Oh man, I love the concept, love Bruce Lee, love that quote, love the slick execution

Like it very much!

VERY cool Zero! Excellent job!

All I can say is…. WoW! =)

DBH should print this asap! :D this is AWESOME! i’m not worthy

wow paint splash effect aus kaau bai payter for this…+1

Plus Zero-briant! hahaha Galing!

awesome as always! +1

Simply awesome!

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