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This feels like it doesn’t have a lot of thought put into it.

wow the mock up is really blurry. I am actually quite surprised you managed to submit this. it looks to me like the DPI your using for your model is alot lower than your artwork your putting on your shirt.

David has his account terminated for insisting on linking to competitors on his page — bdubs did warn him.

yeh my account was not terminated I removed the link to my website which had links to other websites where my designs are shown,,,, silly huh

I wouldn’t call posting ONE design for the very first time, “ INSISTING” on linking to my own website owned by me. let’s keep it REAL folks ..thanks for your reality

the ice cream “cartoon” was simply, done quickly, it was not supposed to be a fine work of art , it’s a comical cartoon, the intention of the design is the comical use of a melting skull, maybe someone should notify the creators of Spongebob and tell them that their cartoon is too simple and needs to be refined. ha ha…...let’s all be nicer

Bdubs asked you to take down the link. Linking to a competitor under your “contact me” section IS insisting on linking to another website. It wasn’t just a website where your designs were shown, it was a website you run selling your designs, a competing website – something clearly in bad taste business-wise and prohibited and discussed here:

According to Bdubs, you removed it and insisted on linking to ANOTHER competitor. It’s one thing to link to a profile or whatever with your designs, it’s another to link to a competitor – something DBH isn’t ok with and neither are most of the people here.

Finally, the purpose of the design being voted on is because we, the community, have a say in what gets printed. We gave you feedback. If you don’t like being critiqued, perhaps stick to peddling your own wares on your own site. If you look at the type of stuff that gets printed, DBH doesn’t generally print things that were hastily put together.

In terms of Spongebob, while the concept is fairly simple (a sponge in pants), the cartoon is actually really crisp, clear, with a lot of fine details. To create a perfect represented and accurate Spongebob — even given a model to copy, takes a fairly long time. This feels like 5 minutes was put into it and not a lot of care was given to the art – that kind of thing isn’t necessarily going to be received well by people who will spend hours, days, and weeks creating a piece – even something relatively simple – making sure that their simple idea is executed well. Flat out, I don’t think this is well executed. looks like you drew an ice cream with the pen tool, filled it in with paint bucket, and used burn and dodge to make the cone shiny (?)....

they need to serve these at dairy queen!


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