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Just writing to let you know that I am hanging my head in shame after this submission to the contest.

After proudly showing my husband my submission the next day, he asked if I was serious.. I didn’t understand. He proceeded to laugh his ass off and show me multiple EXISTING examples of my own piece of artwork, which he said has been around for 30 years!

So, I admit – I am a NEW KISS fan and not a long time fan. Our 4 year old son is the biggest fan, which is why I had to submit something – even though I know I won’t win among the many great pieces of art that have been sent in.

If there’s anyway to gently bow out, then that is what I’m doing now, although I’m surprized that with the copyright laws, etc.. my design even make it. (I would have taken some consolation in knowing that)

Anyway… that’s all I have to say. I will add that as I worked on my design, the thought crossed my mind how truly brilliant it was, and I could barely believe that no one had thought of it before.

I now know better.

... brushing up more on all things KISS...


(Anyone voting for me, should ALSO brush up on all things KISS)

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haha~~ It’s cool
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