This is awesome! I love the weathered look!

turtle turtle Human

Love it!

libbylb libbylb Human

I love it…also cool that you showed a girl version too!

carnival carnival Human

Stilling votes?

carnival carnival Human

Stolen votes?

tomkuck tomkuck Human

This design has class and is not something only an idiot would wear!

Royal_K Royal_K Artist from United States

This IS cool! You got my vote!

cbgross cbgross Human

This shirt rocks TK, great design.

atlabbyj atlabbyj Human

Love it!

I would wear it to rock n roll all day, and party every night!!!

Beef Beef Human

It is not as cool as the wall you did in my house, but it makes an awsome shirt!!!

DrewGliever DrewGliever Artist

what an awful flier

macarenage macarenage Artist

muy buena camiseta!

shandikiss shandikiss Artist

VERY cool idea. :)

STK1967 STK1967 Human

This kid had some serious talent! Anyone know who he is or where he is from? He’s got my vote.

nettiemc3 nettiemc3 Human

Love this shirt!!!!

monkeypaw monkeypaw Artist

I want to wear this one right now !!! :D It’s AMAZING!

DrewGliever said: what an awful flier

nonsense…jealious much? it is a great fun design…good job

Vdogg Vdogg Human

Kiss DZZZZ.....

Great shirt.

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