Xul1349 Xul1349 Artist

the mockup doesnt look realistic at all. but the artwork seems to be really cool. also you should use a darker red. my opinion. Vote +1

dlcramer dlcramer Artist

Still learning. The artwork in the corner is the true color red. Thanks for the vote and the critique.

woekan woekan Artist

Its hard to make a realistic mockup if you have alot of straight lines.
I like this artwork, i would love to see it a bit less saturated and on a light yellow/oatmeal tshirt . +1

Check out mine if you have some spare time:

actally like it alot..to be honest..i like it with just the straight rising sun graphic…plus1

Cheeky88 Cheeky88 Artist


SailorButterfly SailorButterfly Human from United States

Big & bold, I like it.

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