i like this different..but well designed..

Xul1349 Xul1349 Artist

the top part is ending to suddently. the t-shirt mockup is awful. you just put the picture over the t-shirt. dude, work a little, make that tee realistic. Cuz looking at it now, i can’t image how it will look printed. +1 for the artwork

escape765 escape765 Artist

this is cool…size and placement really work…

those straight borders are too harsh tho…they need some shape/texture

very nice vector work. but you should work on cutting the design better onto the shirt… and why is there this big black spot over her left knee?

I like it how it is….i assume the ‘big black spot’ is a large spanking bat?

macarenage macarenage Artist

me gusta!
queda muy bien en la camiseta.

rogerin rogerin Artist

i like this one…very nice design…great placement…+1
please go check my stuff later and vote if u like ^^

digger digger Artist

Great design!

iviestyle iviestyle Human

nice legs

Nice original stuff. I like it cus it doesn’t look like any shirt i’ve seen here. and the noir feel is tops! Great stuff

lgrubino lgrubino Artist from Costa Rica

hey veryu cooll…...nice concpet i should wear this shirt….+11111
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animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Wow, It’s very lovely stuff.
I think your illustration’s edge are too definite.
But, it look great.
+1 voted.. Would you check out mine~

I agree fade the edges, make it easier to determine what the shadow is and you have a winner.

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