Defame89 Defame89 Artist from Missouri, United States

wow this is the most sacrilegious shirt I’ve ever seen. do you really hate Jesus that much? I’m sure you’re a great guy but this is terrible man. I really like the illustration skills though, just uses them towards something less hateful and demonic.

binxent binxent Artist from Philippines


caotico caotico Artist from Sweden

Thanks! Just to give my 5 cents, and I hope I’m not ranting. :P

I don’t hate anyone, and the purpose isn’t to offend. To me, this is entirely in the “artistic interpretation” realm. There are a lot of “zombie jesus” shirts and similar satire/spoof designs out there. If I was a believer, I probably would find those to be in worse taste than something that draws on actual religious history and puts a literal spin on the codified name of christ used by the first christians in times of persecution. Apart from my drawing style being a bit bizarre and the fish looking slightly creepy (as they usually do), the motif in itself should be value-neutral even to believers; it’s not like I put a pig or snake on the cross. I thought that it’d be a visually interesting idea to explore the Ichtys symbology this way, that’s all.

I don’t deny anyone the right to be offended or to disagree with my view, but if I thought that it’d be percieved as a “hate shirt” or a simple provocation, I wouldn’t have submitted it to a community like this with the hope of getting it printed.

But I appreciate the illustration skills comment, and of course it’s possible that a design like this actually is a bit out of line for DBH. I’m a new submitter, so the radar isn’t perfectly tuned yet. :-)

eddfrutos eddfrutos Artist from Nuevo León, Mexico

you have my vote sir.. awesome style!

Defame89 Defame89 Artist from Missouri, United States

Dude it’s completely cool, I really don’t think there IS a radar. They wouldn’t have put it up if it was to offensive. I do think I went a lil far with the ‘hate stuff’ so I hope you can forgive me. I think I said that because at the time I was offended because I am a believer and my emotions got the best of me, so I apologize. I just get really verbal when I feel my God is under attack. I would like to see some more of your work (ha forewarn me if you have anymore work like this, so I can prepare myself).

fzckz fzckz Artist from France


eddfrutos eddfrutos Artist from Nuevo León, Mexico

very nice, dig the style.. you sir have my vote.

brightfuture brightfuture Human from United States

Voted up.

Great skills.

Never let anyone’s belief system alter your brain. Too many people push their beliefs on others in the first place.

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