thestray thestray Artist from United States

Other ways to help.

andteed andteed Human

great design for a great cause.

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

That’s awesome Stray, here are some other ways I found that alot of people might not know about (although the text option I DO know is a different number in Canada):

NicoleBuni NicoleBuni Human from Pennsylvania, United States

This is a great idea and I hope I’ll have enough money to get one before they run out! I love Japan so much, the culture, food, clothing, movies, speech, etc. I love it all and I think the world could learn a lot from this group of people and well Eastern culture in general vs Western culture. I love this idea and I’m planning to get one as soon as I can!

NicoleBuni NicoleBuni Human from Pennsylvania, United States

Dang it, you sold out of my size, sad day!! :(

asharples asharples Human

People will assume the proceeds go to Japan relief, so DBH- you should make it clear next to the shirt. :)

asharples asharples Human

P.s does anyone know how to choose the Original vs. 50/50 tee? Doesn’t seem to give an option

lacarlott lacarlott Human from France

I would have bought in small…

aromato aromato Human

Any chance for a reprint in M or L?

Calles Calles Human

I would Buy A Medium Mens Right Now

ashleyyy ashleyyy Human from United States

just came in today, i love it!

btallen btallen Human from United States

What a great idea! Bought!

ashleyyy ashleyyy Human from United States

love mine :)


nmercuro nmercuro Human

Definitely interested in a Medium if there’s a reprint!

ahhhh i just got mine and i love it, but, there is a bad stiching flaw. it looks like smurf pubes Son of a nut cracker! however for 10 clams and a good cause its hard to complain.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hey youwillmissmewheniburn,

Let operator@designbyhumans.com know about your flaw. I doubt we’ll have an exchange tee left because they sold so quick but I can send you out a tee as a way of saying ‘sorry’. 10 bucks or not quality is quality :)


hruna hruna Human

Just got this. SWEET BABY JESUS, it’s so great!

Ktrevey Ktrevey Human

this is great! possible reprint in women’s medium??? does part of the proceeds go to relief efforts?

johnsonflores johnsonflores Artist from Philippines

To those who may not know… Here’s the previous front page for this project.


Thank you all for your support!

a.saint a.saint Human from Singapore

i just got mine…love it….i would love to get M for a friend :)

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