bottleHeD bottleHeD Artist from India

Reminds me a bit of RadioMode’s “Jungle Book” design. Regardless, the colors on this are beautiful! I hope DBH does a lot more bright, colorful designs like these.

alchemist alchemist Artist from Manila, Philippines

congrats man!!! awesome print!!! :D

CatPrime CatPrime Artist from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

This’ll be my next purchase :)

rejagalu rejagalu Artist from Surabaya, Indonesia

congrats!! this is an awesome print man..

matteyer matteyer Human from Pennsylvania, United States

love the colors and style. congrats!

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Nice print. Congrats!

RLMarkossa RLMarkossa Artist from Brazil

Awesome colors & illustration!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!

melanies_felony melanies_felony Artist from Melbourne, Australia

Congrats, this is great! I missed it in the voting stage but I’m glad to see it when I can buy it. Love the colours :)

heronotdie heronotdie Artist

Nice print. Congrats!

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

Very, very nice. This might have to be something I pick up.

kase kase Artist from Ohio, United States

Just received my copies today, you guys did an awesome job of printing. The colors are really wonderful. Thanks DBH and those who voted for it and purchased it!!

FishOnHead FishOnHead Human from United States

I’ve been waiting so long for a literature based design. Now there finally is one, and I don’t have the money. I sure hope large doesn’t sell out anytime soon. I REALLY want this shirt. This is fantastic.

Skip1852 Skip1852 Human

I can’t wait to buy this!! I get paid next week so it better still be on here!! LOVE IT

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Congrats on SOTW! Of course I finally decide I may get it and it’s out of my size :(

sold out of XL men’s already????

metalsan metalsan Artist from Venezuela

Very nice colors!

Kairos66 Kairos66 Human

i’m for sure buying this one, great idea better design

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