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Awesome detail, but Teefury would love it more

great work +1

Thanks guys very much!!!!

Print it!

this is pretty awesome. great job


What CatPrime said, DBH values artwork alot more than references, where as TeeFury and other sites are the vice-versa.

I like it!

TeeFury this +1

wow! very nice.

@sockmonkee thank you,you’re rockstar!!!
@irvbriscore thanks man a lot!!!!!
@datetheskater thanks!
@Interpid hehe thanks for the hint will post on teefury also soon than :)
@BenjaminPhantom thank you!
@Tiny.Cue.Card thanks will post there too :)
@GimmickeyPop thanks!!!

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sick details man!

yeaahh.. must teefury..
u re mr. cool-details . .
this is awesome!!!!

FREAKIN AWESOME copy goodluck to your first sub..looking forward to see more of your design.

Agree with the teefury comments. I also think it could do without those gray wisps on the outside, and also you could lose the red outline, to make this look more tight and clean.

Thanks again guys a lot!!! yeah I understand will post to teefury on monday , @thestray thank you will try posting on teefury :),about wisps I like add them because they give Movement to the overall design,also will try removing red stroke just to see what outcome will be .

cool! +1


Thanks both of ya!!!

may the force be with you :)

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