eliem123 eliem123 Artist from MO, United States

what if the people r all from the same office

Hello everybody, I am a friend of “EliEM123’S” and I want you to know that he is an honest hardworking man. Believe it or not, he has taken the time to share this design with all of us. He is not a scammer and works full time so please just quit hating

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

That’s a lot of people in the same office. A lot.

hannah12 hannah12 Human

Wow! I really like this design +1. I like the greyish background and with the white and black design. I love the astronaut. Great work

yeah man

ewoook ewoook Artist from cavite, Philippines

very interesting art work! i like the layers of the building xD +1

devalentino devalentino Artist

wow…there’s really lot of vote..
great work with the building ^^

brimaze892 brimaze892 Artist from Philippines

love the concept…its so fun to look at..enjoying!
young vote!

prem prem Artist from andhra pradesh, India

there is a lot observe in this …..great thinking…..i love it .

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