Intrepid Intrepid Artist

Grats on your first DBH submission! I think this is a nice concept for a design, but DBH is a place more of art then of puns and concepts. I don’t think I completely understand this design, but I can tell you that the text is wayyyy too small and hard to see. The ‘This Is Earth… really?’ part is legible, but you can barely see the other text… I think its a good idea, but you can do alot more with it. Good job though for your first design, hope to see more from you.

johniS johniS Artist from Switzerland

i like it!

sayahelmi sayahelmi Artist from Indonesia

cute.. +1

rogerin rogerin Artist

i think this could work…nice job

Nice +1

kvanderivier kvanderivier Artist from Mexico

cool +1

Intarzista Intarzista Artist from Bolivia

Extraordinary…:) +1!

SaJeh SaJeh Artist

Thank you all for the comments :)!

SaJeh SaJeh Artist

To Intrepid: The rest of the text isn’t ‘text’ :) it’s just ***, as a translation for WTF. Sort of a pun to censorship and stuff. I know it’s more about artwork rather than concepts, but I still thinks this balances between the two. Thanks for the feedback!

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