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Congrats on your first submission to DBH!
This is a cool idea, but you have to consider that the large majority of DBH buyers aren’t Kenyan. And except for Kenyans and a few others, who’s really going to want to buy this design, considering it’s a country most have never been involved with. Make sure to consider your audience when you submit a design…

If you really do like this idea, what I would suggest doing is taking a globe of the world (or as much of the world as you can fit onto a 2d image of a globe) and filling each country with it’s flag or colors. I don’t know if it would look nice, its just an idea inspired by your idea.

Otieno Otieno Artist

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Actually when I first posted the design I did not know you had to register to vote. Which would be a down side for me, but in terms of audience, the Kenyan community around here is pretty big, just not in DBH :)
I will do more open designs, but given that I just started learning all this photoshop and illustrator stuff, they might not be as good as some of the stuff on here.
Thanks again.

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elpatriarca elpatriarca Artist

Love it, VOTED +1 :D

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