Teddyfish Teddyfish Human

Now I’ll never forget the alphabet ever again! Thanks, Luke!

Foster Foster Artist

I was hoping this one would make it. Gratz.

musimax musimax Human

What the…? Why no guys design? This would make a great guys print.

lintbox lintbox Human

hey my mom had a shirt just like this (or very similar) back in the early 80s!!!

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

amazing colors! looks really good! hope to see a guys tee, too

bortwein bortwein Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

no guys?

Dara Dara Artist

wtf no guys?! i wanted this one….

Bergenheim Bergenheim Artist

yea i like that shirt alot… =(

guy on the right is wearing ‘WinterTale’...



WAIT YEA seriously no guys? I am a lady and I don’t even buy ladies tees. SUCKS!! WHATS UP DBH

opifan64 opifan64 Artist from Canada

Too bad there’s no guys shirt… this is an awesome design. congrats!

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia

this is sweet… i’l take one of the shirt and two of the model:P

RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia


Mymil Mymil Human

Congratulations! I never doubted this would get printed. But I’m disappointed it’s only for ladies, because I was looking forward to wearing it!

teddyboy teddyboy Human

why only for bitches and hoes?

Incarnadine Incarnadine Artist

yeah really! especially with that clear foil overlay…

oyoy, bitches and hoes teddyboy?!?!. . . but srsly men are missing out on this great design! congrats! :)

luke9480 luke9480 Artist

thanks for the congrats guys, fingers crossed one day it will be in mens sizes too!!

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