gillianivy gillianivy Human from Indiana, United States

I love this design, it reminds me of your MadHatter portrait on DA with a bit of Aurora Borealis atmosphere to it. I love the flow, the design really is an art shirt, more than just art on a shirt. The design considers the placement and layout of the shirt as a whole, rather than your typical box layout.

I am partial the Cimmerian eventide setting that is canvassed by the effulgent celestial body that is the Moon and some coruscating stars. The mist, the clouds and the trees gives off a pleasant spectral finish to the entire artwork. In other words, it’s dark and creepy and I like it.

djrukia25 djrukia25 Human

cool work Jin! :)

hostage hostage Human

An artwork from an artist who have inspired me a lot, hey what’s not to love? :D Go Jin! God bless ♥

Amulius Amulius Human

Abolutely love the design and the colours :D

SamChan SamChan Human

Hey Jin, stopped over from DA to vote. Really beautiful design, I love the clouds and the sea and I think the colours and designs are very flattering. Overall the design has a really mysterious but also serene feel, amazing! :)

sakshamputtu sakshamputtu Artist from Karnataka, India

wow! you r on the way of winning, 279 votes, awesome look ;).

mirreMD mirreMD Human

I wish this would turn out as close as possible to the initial allover design, I love that feeling that the image embraces you and the fact it’s not symmetrical.. it floats, and it must be such a nice feeling to have that on you. Plus, I always loved seeing the moon through thin clouds..and I agree, the background has aurora borealis nuances which makes it even prettier. Glowing would be awesome too.


Vesper Vesper Artist from Philippines

Thank you so much for the kind words and support, everyone. :D
Hello to you deviantARTists! Post your work here too!

NOTE – Additional photos and concept description for this shirt are on the first page of comments:

@Karyn2002: Thank you! Oh, and I saw the thread you linked on my profile. I did see that as well. That’s why I wondered if there was some color management method that allowed the other prints to have what appear to be more than 3 colors, which was the implied limit. But you’re right, they must be either halftones or exceptions. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. :)

@gillianivy: That’s quite the compliment, calling this “an art shirt, more than just art on a shirt”. I’m grateful you find it worthy of that description.


@sakshamputtu: The winners aren’t determined purely by vote count, but I am very thankful that many people wanted to vote for my design.

@mirreMD: Good to hear from someone who also enjoys the magic of nighttime imagery. Thank you. If this ever gets printed, I do hope they can get as close to my original draft too. I tried mocking it up on the sizing chart. Very possible for the smaller sizes.

I love this design so much!
It’s so beautiful.

djrukia25 djrukia25 Human

this is what you can call “not just an ordinary artwork”.. cool!! __

I really love the contrast of the colours with the scenery in the background, it works very well! ^^
Hope your shirt gets chosen as one of the lucky few ;)

Good luck! I really hope you win :D

I love the design, because it’s really original, it has lots going on without being to busy and it’s great to look at =]

Amulius Amulius Human

I really hope you win, this shirt is just too wonderful not to win^^

yuffira yuffira Human

I really love this shirt. It has something magical and serene to it. I love the colors and the waves and moon add amazing contrast.

lucee lucee Human

I really like it a lot, especially because the colours look like fading sunsets ;w; Simply beautiful. Good luck!

endejester endejester Artist

So many people are still linking me to this shirt and demanding more votes <3 It is just so beautiful, and I haven’t been so excited for a design in a long time. The movement, the colors, the shapes are all just really delicious.
It’s serene and I’ll buy it in a -heart-beat and so apparently would my friends. Excellent EXCELLENT work.

this is brilliant!!! can’t wait to wear this shirt, you deserve to win. all the best!!!

i love how you did it. the color harmony and the asian elements. it was really nice :)

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