hyro7 hyro7 Artist

you can buy it here if DBH pick this…:) thanks armel

madiezeta madiezeta Human

you were born to be an amazing artist! your design is so cool! =)

hyro7 hyro7 Artist

thanks madz…:)

SoulGlue SoulGlue Human

79th vote!
Saw this at PU.. :D

nice nice t-shirt….like this…

nice shirt men… gear to…haha

hyro7 hyro7 Artist
thanks guys… :)
vanixer vanixer Human

done…. what’s next? haha… nice one dude…

Nice job pinsan.. kip it up!!! :)

this is the best

jowin jowin Human


jowin jowin Human


pippi pippi Artist from Brazil

I love it!!! Great idea!!!!+1

Andre-Fool Andre-Fool Artist

Awesome idea!!! Hope it get printed so I can get one!!

Thanks for the support man

Human_jpg Human_jpg Artist

tight stuff +1
check out mine pliz



wow.. galing galing.. good luck hyro.. :)

owdee28 owdee28 Human

ui hyro! lupet nito! magkanu padesign tshirt sayo? hehehe..hope you win! :)

Epper Epper Human

99th vote. kala ko 100th yung vote ko. like the print. congrats in advance kuya hyro.

zILch_- zILch_- Artist

+1 ^ ^

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