I Like It! Stained glass?

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

I was about to say the same thing. Looks like stained glass. I like the colors in this. Those mock-ups look great.

Voting it.

Chosenoneknuckles Chosenoneknuckles Artist from United Kingdom

Gorgeous stuff!

The blend of colours is just right.

raiciego raiciego Artist from United States

I See Spider Web in here or Am I just blind..lol. Anyway +1

Check out my first skull shirt design if you have time. Thanks

CutTeeth CutTeeth Artist

Totally could be interpreted as a spider web. =) Thanks all.

raiciego raiciego Artist from United States

Haha..Great..Atleast I’m right. Thanks for the vote buddy.

ENAJUSTES ENAJUSTES Artist from Mar del Plata, Bs. As., Argentina


Menelek Menelek Human

The colors are very well done. Honestly, I’d love a shirt with just that color fade.

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