Nice, keep trying Bro, good luck!

andry2fast andry2fast Artist

Thank you Clararch02

harmonia harmonia Human

Sukses ya ko!!

grafixnlmtd grafixnlmtd Artist

cool graphics…

andry2fast andry2fast Artist

iya xie xie ya ya =)

andry2fast andry2fast Artist

thanks a lot grafixnlmtd

andry2fast andry2fast Artist

Thanks a lot ayu_lestari_gunawan


Is there a reasonable explanation for your 2 designs to have so many votes? not saying they are bad, I just don’t think they are that special compared to all the other great artworks submitted to this contest.

mathiole mathiole Artist from Brazil

i think you can actually say they’re bad

Sorry I dont like this at all there are other STP designs much more worthy.

andry2fast andry2fast Artist

well,friendship makes us stronger i guess.. it’s not a clip art after all, and i appreciate your comments, they encourage me to make better ones. thank you so much for your attention =)

anavriN anavriN Human

I agree with FrankTheTank.. I mean, there are some that really stand out but don’t have as much votes as this one.. I think someone is cheating here, but I’m not necessarily accusing you, andry, though considering some of the first people to comment’s users were made at the same time as your profile, and that they are from about the same place, it seems like it was you

good work. he had many friends. don’t give up bro…..

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