Thewhit Thewhit Human

nerd-idiot-prick style? What the hell is that? Just ‘cause one doesn’t like something doesn’t make it a bad design; there are plenty of other people who dig it, and it’s been proven on this site: 2 sotw under Reyyy’s belt, and more to come I’m sure!

mrpimpant mrpimpant Artist

nice line, don’t dig the typo but cool tshirt.

pyawakit pyawakit Human

great rey-rey


nice job reyyy

yehhh! nice work

kidokay7 kidokay7 Human

i’d hit it
and never quit

oooo i like this one the best!

jfish jfish Artist

Once this gets printed, I would buy two. One for me, and one for my mom. She’s a medical assistant, this shirt was MADE for her duties!

stashvamps stashvamps Artist

i enjoy the font

mmmmmike mmmmmike Human

this one and the buddha-both gettin bought if made

DaChasPi DaChasPi Human

its ratchet ha

ninjakitty ninjakitty Artist

the oink on grey is electric….nobody gives enough cred to the ambulance

mmmmmike mmmmmike Human

this one and the buddha-both gettin bought if made

gilb gilb Human

this really sux

koalababy koalababy Human

yeah, the typo is not atractive

jfish jfish Artist

It’s not a typo, it’s “emergency” but the last 3 letters of the word trail off the back. That way when people read the shirt they’ll be like “emerge…” and then you can spin around and finish it for em.

ohet ohet Human

all your designs are ridiculous nerd-idiot-prick style, you have no sense of what looks good on a shirt. there r only a few in here that have the courage to say when something is wrong.

juss juss Artist

love this!

ramael ramael Human

I’d like to see this one made as well – cool design.

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