Abronxl Abronxl Artist

insane illustration —- crazy cool :D

Abronxl Abronxl Artist

insane illustration —- crazy cool :D

brianluong brianluong Artist from United States

gahaha, awesome! love the candy corn and lolly pop.

nadz nadz Artist

with that kind of headknocker it would realy keep the theives away love the way it wags it’s tongue!!!

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Tyneling Tyneling Human

oh yeah. That one’s too good not to print!

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

another hit! missmonster!

LilyPop LilyPop Human
Agreed, too good not to print! Love it!!

sick illustration!

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States

this is great

Manki Manki Artist

Yea this is so win. I’d be tempted to eat the fallen candy corn!

MarkusManson MarkusManson Artist from Indonesia

allright mate! :D

Good luck!

reiiz reiiz Artist from SP, Brazil

OMG! This is crazy! +1
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xiaobaosg xiaobaosg Artist from Singapore


Jestik Jestik Human

not just for Halloween!

Very nice design!

ams1327 ams1327 Artist

Very Interesting +1

Zombies! Werewolves! Candy!

DidnaPaz DidnaPaz Human

I love it!

jublin jublin Artist from United States

looks great! nice work missmonster

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