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great concept. something i would personally wear +1

love this concept! +1

check out mine, thanks!

Awesome work. +1

great design colors concept and placement…i really like it +1

Thanks, it’s my first time submitting to DBH. You can see more of my work here:
I picked this piece because I badly want this shirt in my wardrobe. :)

This does look like it could be printed. Like the suit and the colors on the horns. Also like the addition to the design at teh shoulder. Check myPapaplanes

Great design, this is a sweet ass shirt +1

Very nice illo

Please check out mines…

Very cool +1

wow… awesome +1

very nice , and uniqe style of drawing +1

please look at my designs too :

I really like watercolor splashes and horns. +1 !

B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! :)

vote for awesomeness

Fantastic! I want one of those so bad!

Awesome +1 :)

I would so totally wear this shirt!!! IT IS AWESOME!!!!

Cool artwork..

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