Chamarro Chamarro Artist

Wo! Amazing piece of artwork +1

Rada Rada Human

Nice! I love it!

ojorojo ojorojo Human

Love that sketchy style! great!

drago drago Human

wow thats interesting i like it!

mafufo mafufo Human

yeah! muy chida! cuantas veces puedo votar? =)

peisi peisi Human

Oh looks really nice it´s really interesting how the diferent shapes are made.

markvc markvc Human


9draj 9draj Human

Fantastic insight, I actually know a few people that might inhabit that moon.

very cool, white works best +1___
check http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/59332

Karluna Karluna Human

I like it, i want it, specially the red one, wher can i by it???
cool concep.
hey Tatatiu, fly me to the moon holding your hand

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