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Urgh, all sold out. Is there going to be more printed ?

The female design looks so much better than the males to me. Maybe it’s the fall of the rain, the yellow-ish hue is more abundant, the color of the shirt doesn’t clash well with the color of the jeans the gent is wearing-What is it!?

PLEASE print this on black! its looks so good!

I was so happy when my t-shirt came in but when I saw it I was very disappointed for the colors where very dull, and they blent into the t-shirt making it hard to see the birds and the rain :’( I would have to give my t-shirt in comparison to the t-shirt pictured a 4 out of 10.

Looking at the other two comments I read I do think It would be a good Idea for this shirt to come In black; the colors and the details would probably stand out more. Can’t we vote for black reprints or something?

I agree with Missbvo.
I got this t-shirt today (+ two other designed ones which turned out AWESOME) and i have to unfortinutaly say that i’m very disappointed of how weak the colours turned out compared to the model pictures here. The light blue and yellowness does hardly stand out anything on mine. Unfair :(
Big warning about this print!

can dbh or any other members confirm about the printing problems?

would love to own this on black. i’d even pay extra for it.

alright! the print is okay for me.. althought it is a little dull off the model’s pic. nonetheless, it still stands out. if you really like this shirt, go ahead and order it before it’s gone!

I received this shirt today, I heard a couple bad things about the print, and yes, the colors aren’t as vibrant but they are still good. The shirt itself is exceptional, I’ve worn it once and people adore it. I really like the shirt. Here’s what it looks like:

please reprint this in women’s SMALL!

Missbvo-All good constructive criticism, until the comparison to your own shirt. No need to be a jerk and try and show off, no one’s impressed.

cool shirt

cool shoes

reprint on black please please please!!

reprint please!

reprint, reprint , reprint pls…. mens medium size :D

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