huffdesigns huffdesigns Artist

very cool artwork.

kree8 kree8 Artist from IL, United States

Awesome detail. +1

very nice detailed work. i like the girls colors the best. would buy. voted

allby allby Artist

I want this tee!!!

Xeltius Xeltius Human

I feel like a superhero just looking at it

this is killer! For the girlie version I’d love to see a turquoise, taupe or gunmetal gray shirt instead!!! The image could still be pink or silver! The design would pack more punch…and there’s not enough turquoise or taupe t-shirts to choose from, so it would stand out bigtime!
Awesome design!

vanocc vanocc Artist

this is great. very transformer-y. not my style but i can easily see this being printed. good luck!

plamen93 plamen93 Artist

cool design check mine if you like :)

vad_ns vad_ns Artist from United States

so sick!!!!!voted!!!!

Jaxx3110 Jaxx3110 Artist

yeah man this is sweet!! +1

Wow! A nice mix of simple and intricate. The radial gradient really works well here. I’d probably wear this, but I dunno. I think maybe you could have used the bottom a bit more? I get that it’s chest armour esque, but maybe just a little bit of something at the bottom.

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