Dara Dara Artist

awesome, sooo glad this won.

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

Wow! this is amazing!!!!

Bramish Bramish Artist from Austria

great stuff.

JoMo JoMo Artist

brandon bird?

Mymil Mymil Human

DeadPAUL: I had assumed that the image you linked to was just a mockup of the design he had sent to the band that the band had then rejected.

joemader joemader Human

i’m in a band called PTERODACTYL 1991 (www.myspace.com/pterodactyl1991)

so of course i LOVE this shirt…really considering buying one.

check out the shirt on a girl model :)

ThyEnding ThyEnding Human

hahaha, Bear, you are too funny. =]

People, you should buy this shirt. ESPECIALLY before it goes out of stock because ive got some friends gettin this one!

Funny I had a dream about this tee last night. This design was originally a collage of photographs of these animals!
And then DBH altered it and made it all pink n lavender as it is now coz it’s too scary to show that these dinosaurs still exist.

Damn, I’m a DBH junkie.

hahahaha, a dream about a t-shirt on a website!

xodiacx xodiacx Human

Thats what I thought JoMo

polaris polaris Human

This shirt is 100% badass. I have one and I’m considering buying a second for when the first wears out from being so awesome.

brianm02 brianm02 Artist

the quality of the actual shirt i recieved was horrible
holes are forming at the bottom where its sewn
and long strands of thread are hanging from the collar
but the design is rad

cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

wow. congrats. this is swicked.

bicozikan bicozikan Artist

This is pretty damn epic :)
Love it

viiieast viiieast Artist

Love this man – keep em coming!

tancoul tancoul Human

Men’s Small, please! :’)

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