woekan woekan Artist

Great artwork! but the placement and the t-shirt color could be better

rogerin rogerin Artist

woekan said: Great artwork! but the placement and the t-shirt color could be better

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kashiori kashiori Artist

nice one :) i love it +1

mathiasrapp mathiasrapp Artist

Its a great pic, but maybe fix the mockup? set it to multiply etc. to make it look real. Blue shirt doesnt really go well with the design either.. but with a few changes it will be great!!

underland underland Artist

looks like a lot of work went into this and the art looks great, but I agree that it doesn’t sit quite so happily on the dark blue tee. I’d like to see it cropped to follow the contours of the lovely ornate frame, myself.

Akselk Akselk Artist

Yep def change the colors so that the design and the tee have the same. Otherwise it looks really good +1
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Rauth Rauth Artist from Paraná, Brazil


voyager9 voyager9 Artist

take away the box, use the ornate border as the frame. That would look waaay cooler!

Roachem Roachem Artist

hmmmm i like….+1 check out mine let me know what u think


im a big fan of religious topics, this one is just awesome, the placement could have been better, but the artwork is fantastic, probably ill be submitting a piece inspired from the holy mother my self, in the mean time, voted for sure my friend….peace….

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