tat2ts tat2ts Artist

Diggin it

Joyker Joyker Artist

Nice one, it looks a lot like your wolf which was recently printed

theycallmeteddy theycallmeteddy Artist from Indonesia

nice experiment on new style :)

still luv your starwolf anyway :D

Integralapparel Integralapparel Artist from United States

Nice! I like the sketchy feel to it with the charcoal

Xerty Xerty Artist from France

Yep, nice one!
d’autant plus qu’on a pas l’habitude de voir ce style chez toi! +1

Resistance Resistance Artist from KY, United States
Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Totally fits the red star wolf ;). I am an addicted to bird designs so there´s nothing else for me than saying good piece.

cibasnide cibasnide Artist

Great shirt, awesome colors as well

Kontrast Kontrast Artist from Alberta, Canada

love the tee colot! great design. :)

You have a distinguishing style, I like it!

frenchhowls frenchhowls Artist from Quebec, Canada


bluemonkey bluemonkey Artist

nice work!!
its very cool style! nice colours.

and bird looks wicked!!


check my designs out please : )

and if you get a chance please stop by my forum and help me out.


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