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I like it, but the grammar is off. It should be “is not” instead of “are not”. The diamond pattern is cool though.
Let me know what you think of my apedog

ahh damn it… thanks mate

voted! ;)

could be a bit smaller, but i like the design!!!! +1
(check my designs, if you like)

+1 Like it a lot!

yeah! nice dude.. +1

i’d really appreciate if u also check out my design..

I like those diamonds! it`s look`s like it`s chess! you got my vote!
and if you have time, please check my design “ThePower” and say what you think!

the simplicity of the diamond grid with pattern overlay works very well with the text.
i’d like to see the whole thing moved down about 4cm to gain an overall balance to the composition.

you could do a series with this concept: image repetition, line, type

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