arlenej arlenej Artist

I like how you kept the colors simple since the design is kind of complex/ has a lot going on in it. looks good! +1

check mine out if you’ve got a min! :)

rogerin rogerin Artist

+1 to u man

please check out my design http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/48057
an vote if you liked ^^

linaley linaley Artist

nice design +1

awesome +1


lexlevie lexlevie Artist

love thy neighbor +1
great composition. i like the grey on white alot

This is a pretty cool t shirt. As far as I am concerned they have four amazing albums, and are probably one, if the, best band I have seen live. It should be kept to what makes them real. The music, the songs and the bands. None of this chick stuff and stuff that doesn’t make much sense. Only cause I have been bragging about them for years and now since the sex on fire album, people are starting to realise what I have been talking about. You guys should be so proud of yours selves. Well done and it is great to finally see you getting to where you deserve to be and to have everyone hear your music. I noticed ALL ages at the gig in Melbourne. Can’t wait to see you again. As far as the t shirts go, keep it real. Thanks. Dayna.

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