nice use of the card guy from Married to the Sea

igo2cairo igo2cairo Artist from Canada

Sweet! Nice collage.

panzerfoo panzerfoo Human

too subtle, sorry

joelg joelg Human

far out & groovy!

Casajordi, je l’adore si forte que j’ai achete une autre, parce que je ne veux rien de mal se passer a l’une que j’ai. C’est ma chemise favorite! Excuse mon francais. Il y a longtemps que j’habite en France. Ca me manque beaucoup!

The more I look at this, the more I appreciate it. It’s really quite stricking – great job!

killpride killpride Artist


oranj oranj Human

Could you reprint men’s medium please

scforbis scforbis Artist

Nice One!

emoryl emoryl Human

^i second that :)

ianleino ianleino Artist from United States

pleeeeaaaaase reprint the guy’s Mediums

aliadotony aliadotony Artist from Costa Rica

congrats jordi this one is on my basket! excellent work

casajordi casajordi Artist from France

Thank’s !!! So happy to day !

this is brilliant

RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia

Congrats! a really good collage is hard to come by :)

a_mar_illo a_mar_illo Artist from Spain

Congrats, lovely shirt!

G-Nova G-Nova Artist

congratulation man ;)

Recycledwax Recycledwax Artist

looking awesome!

jsheldon jsheldon Artist from United States

congrats! nice work.

pretty sweet, almost looks like something from imaginaryfoundation

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