downrodeo downrodeo Artist

This is nice dude.

Able Able Artist

This design is so sick +1

amoorea77 amoorea77 Human

I love this, especially the colors.

PavoMuticus PavoMuticus Artist

Really cool! I wish I were bigger on the shirt though. +1 Please check out my designs if you have time! =)

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

nice collage

kkelly07 kkelly07 Artist

Sweet. I really like this.

Old30Bastard Old30Bastard Artist from Tennessee, United States

Killer Design!

cteresi1 cteresi1 Human

this is pretty straight.

Jeneca23 Jeneca23 Human

It’s awesome, I just wish it spanned the shirt. the detail of the appearing skull shouldn’t be lost

Its beautiful, but I feel like it would really hold more shape if it was placed in the lower right corner of the shirt where the image would pull the eye up. Contrast is gorgeous though!

kevin21 kevin21 Human

This is killer +1

I agree with the other comments that the placement could be improved a bit though. It would be awesome if it was placed lower and spanned more of the shirt. It would even be cool to have some of it wrap around.

aleksivic aleksivic Human

Love the design!

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