Fabrizio Fabrizio Artist from Vienna, Austria

VOTED! I really like this one! Awesome design :)

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States


Interesting to look at! +1 Check mine out if y want!

Olympia Olympia Artist

Very cool!

sockmonkee sockmonkee Artist

i think you could have chosen a better typeface but i love the style

Itzpyd4 Itzpyd4 Artist

This is fun – reminds me of the game Neverhood. I could wear this! Vote for it I did. Yoda

arisign arisign Artist

i want one to! :)

tadun tadun Human

nice design :-)

iQuitt iQuitt Artist

Haha! looks like a Smurf house! voted +1!

ra-BOTS ra-BOTS Artist

neato~! votes

lvigneault lvigneault Artist

Voted, i love this style of artwork.. always have.+1

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