nata13 nata13 Artist

saya suka skull

blank blank Artist

embrodery glow in the dark skull..
is it possible?

Jamey Jamey Human from United States

Too many stitches makes it cost prohibitive. A discharge with a green tint re-added would work and turn out cool!

blank blank Artist

thanks Jamey.

peee peee Human

always cool…..

Steven Steven Artist

true, you really can’t go wrong with skulls, and anyone who says they’re passé can go jump…

Mymil Mymil Human

Ditto what Jamey said; but you could embroider some of it, like the outline of the skull or the dotted line leading away from it.

daBART daBART Artist

If it would be bigger, it will be cool !

daBART daBART Artist

...hmmmm… maybe PINK !?

blank blank Artist

PINK? great idea!

Adamtuh Adamtuh Artist

nice design…. keren bro.. voted

rasefour rasefour Artist from Indonesia

top….. +1

renx renx Artist

Vote Gan..mantab….+1

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