keeping u in my thoughts bub!!


nostalgie nostalgie Artist

pues suerte!! esta chido tu diseño :) voto

pain219 pain219 Artist

I love this design. it’s insanely good. it has some flaws though: I don’t feel the logos in the background. I would remove them. but overall? this is fcking insane. I would totally buy this shirt. +9000!

distinkt distinkt Artist

voted +1
everybody check mine out.

dbloc dbloc Artist

nice illustration

Itzpyd4 Itzpyd4 Artist

Love the all over print.

yulian yulian Human

hey nice Tee! ;D

distinkt distinkt Artist

thanks for the comment. your design is really cool i like it.

henna henna Artist

it’s really cool, +

digger digger Artist

Funky design, voted!

disyembre disyembre Artist


shantyshawn shantyshawn Artist from New York, United States

Very cool! Peter Nagel all the way!

Pasr Pasr Artist

i miss this one, cool stuff man hope you win its hot. Later!

SpaceHead SpaceHead Artist

cool shirt really digg this….. +1

thanks 4 the vote

brainboxz brainboxz Artist from Indonesia

Dude you have sooo many great vote, I added one ;)

departmentM departmentM Artist

buena suerta chamo!


I like the way it sits on the shirt! +1

makkarei makkarei Artist

pretty funky man, I like it +1

mikenator mikenator Artist

voted. I love it

andruz52 andruz52 Human

so fresshie!

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