wicked bro!+1
checkout my design if you can!Cheers :D

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

excellent work! vote

Lvobby Lvobby Artist

Nice. +1

kdeuce kdeuce Artist from United States

cool. +one

that looks cool.

eydee eydee Artist from Philippines


Checkout my holloweek entry and let me know what you think. Tnx!

herky herky Artist from United States

love this! +1

tungak tungak Artist

beautiful!! one vote for you if you have time check out my design!!!thanks

leeed leeed Artist

+1 cool design ;checkout my design“xxxx” thks

harp harp Artist

more bigger views on ùmy flickr page

ritzh ritzh Artist from Philippines

cool add my vote

enthos enthos Human

very nice. great idea, skulls have interesting lines. voted. check out my submission if you get the chance.

yipman yipman Human from Canada

Is it me or does it look like Jesus on a cross? As in the white bones? If so, nice contrast with evolution+dinosaurs.

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