Perudoesitbetter Perudoesitbetter Artist from United States

best of luck guys!

LukeH1610 LukeH1610 Human

Craziness + Creativeness + Awesomeness = this shirt.

Elluzion Elluzion Human

if this shirt doesn’t win, i will kill myself. i love the design, everything! good luck

MCblaze MCblaze Human

sick design

devious_0ne devious_0ne Artist

NICE +1.. I voted..

We should COLLAB on a more hardcore version..!The little baby creatures are too nice =P

Email me on some time & check my art.. I am new on here but my work is flowing in!!

Beanee Beanee Human

This is one awesome design, the best i’ve seen so far. Great work, you’ll win it :)

SoFlo SoFlo Human

Great Design, You better win this!

jublin jublin Artist from United States


Neon Rocks!

wowrainbows wowrainbows Artist

the best of the top 3.

you have my vote :P

Dirkje Dirkje Human


fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

I’m crossing my fingers that this shirt wins the 10k.!

KCollantes KCollantes Artist


Mafer Mafer Artist

love it

This shirt is hot! I hope it wins!

erness erness Human

love how it looks on screen! the colors are insane!...but i doubt that the shirt will actually look like that printed!

BubuSam BubuSam Artist from Malaysia

This is the winner! CRAZYYY

saltyshadow saltyshadow Artist from China

go go go!

awesome shirt, congrats a bunch

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