jonwelby jonwelby Artist

mad cool, you should have just added another smoke stream from the coffee mug to really get the smoke turning into the process idea out, but I really really like it. you got my vote.

bine bine Human

i´m a coffee enthusiast! i really would like to wear this shirt!
i love the lines & the interaktions!

opifan64 opifan64 Artist from Canada

The coffee-sketch smoke is inspired. great work as always!

myteemo myteemo Human

Very cool!

adulce adulce Human


muflo muflo Human from Bari, Italy

i love it

00TheFool 00TheFool Human

I adore the color scheme. I love even more how you incorperated figures in the appearance of the smoke coming out of the coffee cup. It gives a warm, homey, hazy feel to it in my opinion.

Victart Victart Artist

this one is my favorite

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