Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Beautiful work on the hand!

coco coco Human

this is amazing! but could we get the shirt a different color? black is always awesome with those bright colors. and it gives it more class in my opinion. i absolutely love this art work! but that oatmeal is killing me!!

elp_fish elp_fish Human

i love this! i would totally buy it if there were mediums available!

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Your handdrawing and splashs are harmonized well.
Superb work. Kmeleon

I bought this at a Nordstrom and this is the reason I’m here at DBH. Awesome design!

zar_bnx zar_bnx Human

it’s beautiful…hope there’ll be more “S” size for women

The_Rum The_Rum Artist

realy nice work

Bought and voted, this shirt is just AMAZING!

Leon.buckingham Leon.buckingham Human from Australia

Want one….Mens Large….Please reprint!

oxygen2k oxygen2k Human from Germany

please reprint men sizes,
i would like to get one!

plz reprint!

ZalaProko ZalaProko Human

Every shirt I look at, the mediums and larges are sold out. Reprint, please?

The-Wojo The-Wojo Human from United States

Anybody notice the chick is Michelle Kujawa from the bachelor season 14?

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