seacreature seacreature Human from United States

AWESOME!!!!! i want to buy both so me and my hubby can wear them!

rfloydtx rfloydtx Human from United States

You are the best!!

mahmoudb mahmoudb Artist from Select a State/Province, Lebanon

Hello , I invite you to critique my design


PatM23 PatM23 Artist from NY, United States
daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

cool stuff! :D +1

mainhons mainhons Artist from United States

Sweet colors an Abstraction!

tornapart tornapart Artist from Italy

nothing to critique! :) the colors are awesome and the design is a perfect quick read! only thing: i prefer the one with the white background… nice contrast. but, in the end it’s just my taste… ;)
sorry if I mispelled something or did English syntax errors in this message, but I’m Italian ;)
+1 up from me too! cheers!

GFXFantasy GFXFantasy Artist from United States

The use of the color is honestly flawless +1 from me :)

Sharpshark Sharpshark Artist from Qc, Canada

The design is different from the other submissions and the colors are great. However, it could be perfect without the logo; its placement and size makes the design unbalanced.

surf4grl surf4grl Artist from United States

thank you guys for the honest feedback and support! =]

Studio8Worx Studio8Worx Artist from Philippines

Love the black one keep it up voted

AdamKenobi AdamKenobi Artist from Texas, United States

Great color scheme. Nice job! +1

Mistyk Mistyk Artist from Colorado, United States

Great work

mahmoudb mahmoudb Artist from Select a State/Province, Lebanon

nice colors

fagbayee fagbayee Artist from Rhode Island, United States

I like your abstract style and colors you have used on your design. Good job!

Fistgrinder Fistgrinder Artist from Mexico

nice iconic and artistic aproach.

cristian79 cristian79 Artist from United States

WoW!!! That is a fresh take on this genre!!! Love it!!!

Hobo183 Hobo183 Artist from United States

I this is absolutely amazing! I love the use of colors. All warm colors and a couple spots of blue. Lastly, I this is it looks best on the black shirt. +1 :)

chardychard chardychard Artist from QC, Philippines

nice colors

minhquach94 minhquach94 Artist from Canada

no kidding, the colors are wonderful! +1

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