Beekei Beekei Artist

dark as hell! +1
I uploaded a design, if you like it, feel free to vote for it! ;-)

Matador Matador Human

Dynoooooo Miteeeeeeee!! I thought the devil would look older, being a self portrait and all!!! HeHeHe.

laogden1 laogden1 Human

Evillll… eeeeevviiilllllllll !!!!

Most excellent as always!

tigger567 tigger567 Human

Damn another self portrait. You are so into yourself arent you HA HA HA. I dig it though so its all good

The facial image should be larger, and the bugs, much smaller {I don’t like bugs}!!, Other than that, it’s cool

yomommie yomommie Human

I always said you were a “little devil”, too bad you didn’t work your brothers into the design..it would have been the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

heather heather Human

you dont have to be a genius to know that thats you };o)

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