cool & creepy….nice illustration…+1,
check out my work ‘SeahorseFlight’

Kaizenick Kaizenick Artist

Totally reminds me of Earthworm Jim!!! Awesome! Also love the concept of blood dripping out of the neck of the T – would love to see more characters like this on the shirt… VOTED.

dreepy creepy cool

thats sooo creepy,but i love it

raylee06 raylee06 Artist


Foster Foster Artist

Thoroughly creepy drawing. Good job.

DrStein DrStein Artist

nice placement and drawing

SubConArt SubConArt Artist

Thanks everyone for the comments. It means a lot that anyone even takes the time to view my artwork =)

Fat-Mouse Fat-Mouse Artist from Romania


hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

wow another shirt that reminds me of a see you next tuesday shirt I have! totally love it.

illdthedj illdthedj Artist

a little too creepy for me….but honestly, the composition and placement on the tshirt is very well done.

the drips coming off the neck is very cool as well.

N0osheen818 N0osheen818 Artist

very cool drawing,, I love it,, just if it was a lil bit bigger.

wake22max wake22max Artist

great drawing but maybe work on giving the design more color

BeadlerWorks BeadlerWorks Artist from NY, United States

nice monster

Mdyak Mdyak Artist from CA, United States

I really dig your style

tepused tepused Artist

i like this it reminds me of the used

nikkyeahh nikkyeahh Artist


AlexMacDuff AlexMacDuff Artist from TX, United States

interesting drawing. reminds me of pan’s labyrinth

pfg84 pfg84 Artist from London, United Kingdom

id wear that….nice

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