Resistance Resistance Artist from KY, United States

Good artwork… I like the wrap around. Voted

ez-kun ez-kun Artist from Romania


FcoSab FcoSab Artist

guy or girl, still dont know, but it looks cool! +1

Minotaur Minotaur Human

Great design, I’d be keen to own this. Perhaps on an ever-so-slightly lighter background for girls?

Matador Matador Human

I Really dig this one! I dont know if she is a killer or if she is being killed!

agirolamo agirolamo Human

Cool. I think she’s pretty


whyball whyball Artist from Romania

i like it

Tees Tees Artist

looks nice

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

nice work with the hair

andellucyan andellucyan Artist

CreeeEEEeeepy! I like!

riko riko Artist

ooh nice work …. check my new design and commet please and if you like it votee

heather heather Human

this will give me nightmares i can think up a whole story on this pretty cool.

yomommie yomommie Human

Kinda has a Marilyn Manson look to it, would probably be more dramatic with a pipe snake coming out of the hair!!

AlexMacDuff AlexMacDuff Artist from TX, United States


BeeryMethod BeeryMethod Artist from Illinois, United States

yes…90’s! +++

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