diamonds diamonds Human

I like this one the bestest!

Good job! I love it!!!

i think it looks great

can I get this in a medium? :D

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

wow, this one’s amazing too. great, unsean style!

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

thumbs up again

afterwords afterwords Artist

Really appreciate all the positive feedback. Keep those votes coming. I still need them. :)

afterwords afterwords Artist

thank you so much for your support!!!

afterwords afterwords Artist

I was thinking about with the idea of lines because of the title of the contest, one idea was an invisible line between love and hate, hence the duel to the death for the love of the girl. Hope that helps a little. I love different interpretations though and comments. More please.

souloff souloff Human

i like this, voted.

Ceddyishman Ceddyishman Artist

I like the design, could you explain it more? Like the fencing and how it relates to the line and the girl? Very nice colours.

Mmmm…. i likes the taste of this one…

lionface lionface Human

I like this one…. Julian would look good it while im bitching him out….!

Amannda Amannda Human


good, sabre lane

droobird droobird Human


afterwords afterwords Artist

Thank you so much! Keep the votes coming. Spread the word, it’s going to be a tight race. Thanks again!!!

saberella saberella Human

Dang! Make it sistah! Buena Suerte!

CriBBus CriBBus Artist

Like the illustration. Reminds me of old video game art. gmv.

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