amesjeff12 amesjeff12 Artist from United States

Terrific design! Can’t stop looking at it!

killjeff1 killjeff1 Human from United Kingdom

I also agree this is great,

daleconcepts daleconcepts Artist from Philippines

wow! one of the coolest and very nice abstract on batman! love the glass retaliation!

moutchy moutchy Artist from Quebec, Canada

Thank you so much everybody!

jonathanrudolph jonathanrudolph Artist from VIC, Australia


jonathanrudolph jonathanrudolph Artist from VIC, Australia

Definitly in the top 3

OfficeInk OfficeInk Artist from AR, United States

Nice design and layout. I like the attention to detail in the design…there’s a lot to look at. Nice shatter affect as well. Very nice work.

Siege Siege Artist

this is it!! 1

MakeGotham MakeGotham Artist from Finland


THE69BAT THE69BAT Artist from TEXAS, United States

great work!! +1

moutchy moutchy Artist from Quebec, Canada

Thanks for the votes and positive comments!

debdebdeb debdebdeb Human from Canada

That’s a very cool design!

bykai bykai Artist from specify below, Indonesia


mikeguevy mikeguevy Artist from State of Grace, Philippines

we have similar concepts bro but totally different execution. i am a fan of your work. congratulations for an excellent job.

daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

excellent work!

Conzeit Conzeit Artist from Colombia

Love the draftmanship involved and the way you brought in the “break the bat” theme is very elegant and beautiful. ¿Did you make Batman part of Bane’s head for a particular reason?

Your B&W aproach inspired me to use shadow play in my design as well. I dont feel I was capable of fully representing the idea I had in mind with my entry, but I tried to convey an idea as I percieve you attempted to do here. Cheers, hope a good representative like you gets to Chris’es eyes.

moutchy moutchy Artist from Quebec, Canada

Thanks for your comment Conzeit! The reason for me to place Batman like that wasn’t really to make him part of Bane’s head, but simply to achieve a natural and harmonious composition. I noticed that in that position and angle, Batman’s head would follow the curve of Bane’s head and fit in that space. So it’s for aesthetic reason rather than conceptual. I made them facing opposite directions as well, to represent them being against one another.

danijel022 danijel022 Artist from Michigan, United States

Great design! I would appreciate your opinion about my work. :)

Nerdzilla Nerdzilla Artist

Great Design

Conzeit Conzeit Artist from Colombia

Good! I wanted to know becuse I always thought you were sorta implying in Bane’s head he knew exactly where Batman fit, that he had batman all figured out :p

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