VUKOJARAC - the mythical wolf-goat bad omen

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Vukojarac (literally translated wolf-goat: VUK=wolf; JARAC=male goat) is a mythological being that consists of many animals.

There are a lot of descriptions of this being, but I have tried to stick to the description from the famous Croatian TV show "Prosjaci i sinovi" (Beggers and sons). The beast has a wolf head with billy goat beard and horns, bear hide, ox/cow eyes. It has four different legs - one is of a goat, one of a wolf, one of bear and one is a (donkey?) hoof. There's one devil or demon poking out of every hair on its body and they are laughing at the misery of people.

Vukojarac did not hurt people but seeing one was considered a bad omen. There are also reports of werewolves turning into Vukojarac. This creature was ever only seen in and around Imotski, Croatia. Folklore is truly fascinating!

My Vukojarac is standing on a pile of skulls and bones, snarling and growling. I gave him some moon phases because of the werewolf association. I think it really looks like a bad omen, all evil, grim and dark.

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