Shame on Design by Human

posted by shaenn • 9 months ago

6+ weeks left since my order, still no delivery!!!
I wrote on 4 days ago and still no answer!

How does it work??? I ordered before 2-3 times with out any problem, what happend?????

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CassieDBH CassieDBH Staff from California, United States

Hi @shaenn- It looks like our customer support team responded to your email on July 11th. If you’re still having issues with your package delivery, please let us know!

shaenn shaenn Human from Russia

i let you know!
Still now delivery!
Give my money back!
2 months ago!

CassieDBH CassieDBH Staff from California, United States

Hi @shaenn- I’m sorry for the frustration. It looks like the shipping option you selected does not include tracking, but based on the amount of time that has passed I can only assume that your order has been lost in transit by the carrier. We have refunded your order and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. For future orders, we recommend using USPS International Mail. This is our mid-tier international shipping option. Packages using this shipping option deliver within 7-10 business days and come with partial tracking and delivery confirmation.

If there’s anything else we can assist you with, please let us know! Have a wonderful day!

shaenn shaenn Human from Russia

many thanks for resolving my problem

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