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anyone into designer toys at dbh?

posted by MEKAZOO • 1 decade ago
Hi Humans! I’m sure that there’s a lot of dbh people are into collecting designer toys. Even some of them works for toy customs like niarkone and j3concepts. And some have their own designer vinyl or will have in near future (like missmonster) What do you think about designer toy movement , who’s your favourite artists, what’s your favourite piece in your collection and what’s the toy you dream to add your collection???

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i’m not really into collecting designer toys,but i do buy those DIY ones,like the munny,and some Qees,cuz i like to paint and design on them =D

cool dude, i got my diys ready but can’t find time to customise them sadly.

missmonster has a figurine made up through some contest…

yeah i know it jimiyo, i have one produced by patchtogether also.

There are some really cool ones, but I’m too cheap to justify buying something that’s just going to sit there. Even if it’s going to look cool doing it.

than don’t even start to collect dude, it’s like an addiction and i mean it.

I don’t intend to, haha. I like looking at them in the shops like I’m at an exhibit or something though.

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