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Banner won't upload

posted by Unoraptormon • 1 year ago

I have been trying for multiple days, for hours, on different computers, and have used Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but I can’t get my banner to load on my store.
I’ve not received a message about why it isn’t loading, just that it isn’t loading.


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@Unoraptormon- We’re so sorry for the frustration! This is a bug on our end. Our developers are currently on the case and we hope to have a fix in place soon!

Looks like it’s finally fixed. Thank you, and send my thanks to the developers too.

same here. doesn’t work.

@awesometshirtshop- please email us your store banner and username to and we’ll help you out!

Mines not uploading either. I will email mine too

I haven’t been able to upload for a week, either. Still will not upload today.

Same here, just started setting up my store but the banner doesn’t upload. I’ll send an email right now.

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