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posted by TaliRachelle • 2 weeks ago

Hey yall, just a heads up. I know Teezily is already on the radar for being a hotbed for stolen DBH art but it’s gotten even worse in the past few weeks. This particular thief that I’ve been chasing down for over a year has seemingly been kicked off of Teespring and Viralstyle and has now been uploading his collection of literally hundreds of thousands of stolen designs to Teezily. Teezily informed me that they do not ban thieves unless sales are made from the stolen designs, despite the accounts being reported for repeated theft. This makes absolutely no sense, but that’s their policy.

This thief is also still allowed to post on Teechip, so check there as well. I filed an official complaint against Teechip with the California Attorney General’s office and since then Teechip has magically prevented this thief from posting my stolen designs. Official complaints can be made online at the California AG’s website if anyone is thinking about going this route. As artists, we gotta look out for one another.

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GeorgiaMason GeorgiaMason Human from New South Wales, Australia

Hi. I’ve just found over 40 of my designs on Teezily. So annoying. I’ve sent an email requesting they be removed but am not confident it will happen.. my work was also regularly stolen from Redbubble too but they introduced a new ‘tiled’ watermark which I hate having to use, but seems to have stopped the thieves, for the moment at least.. maybe DBH will a also have to do this..

TaliRachelle TaliRachelle Human from United States

Ugh, this truly sickens me. So sorry you’re having to deal with theft as well, Georgia. For the past two weeks, I’ve been filing IP complaints with Teezily every single day. This thief lifted my entire DBH catalogue. I use the Redbubble watermark option as well and it seems to be a pretty decent deterrent so far in my case. It’d be great if more POD sites used watermarks.

If you sent your Teezily IP complaints to their “moderation” email handle, they WILL remove your designs within 12 hours after your complaint is received (this is the time frame they quoted me). Keep in mind, on weekends they probably won’t respond until Monday. You can also send takedown requests to their web publisher, Online(dot)net/en. Scroll all the way down and select the “Report Abuse” option in the Online Help box. They’ll send you a confirmation email where you’ll need to click a link to confirm the abuse. You’ll receive a followup response from them once Teezily has taken action on your claim. I send backup takedown requests to the web hosts just in case the company selling my stolen art ignores my initial IP claims. Viralstyle is very good at ignoring claims nowadays.

I hope Teezily removes your stolen art quickly. You may have to check and recheck periodically, however, because they do allow stolen art to be re-posted. I eventually had to tell them to stop allowing my stolen art to be re-posted after it’s already been reported stolen. We’ll see how well that works out. In the meantime, my attorney is preparing some paperwork to be sent to four POD companies. It never should’ve gotten this far to begin with.

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