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posted by daletheskater • 4 years ago

Hey everyone. Is it just me or is it everytime a big contest is on at DBH it is becoming more difficult to get designs accepted. I know the bar should be set high for submissions in these special contests but I think it’s getting too drastic…your thoughts?

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Dale, when we partner with large iconic companies the bar is always going to be much higher. These companies have built their very foundations on their characters and want them represented the best way possible. The also have complex legal protection over their characters that can make things even more complicated.
On the flip side these contests allow artists to put their work before some of the biggest art names in the world. When do people get to present art to the gaming giants at blizzard? The blizzard staff make up some of best artists in the world and just getting art In front of them is very exciting.
I know rejection is tough but it should make people come back better and keep trying and growing. Blizzard have been great at giving detailed feedback and working with us to make the art the very best it can be.

EricMitchel EricMitchel Human from United States

Hello daletheskater, whenever you compete with the large companies the level is going to be higher everytime. It’s not about the bar being set high but new creativity on designs being submitted everytime for the contest that makes the competition tougher. Try to make unique designs, work harder in order to get your designs accepted and beat your competitors. Good Luck. :)

thestray thestray Artist from United States

High standards in a contest is not a bad thing. The object is to get the best designs, not just give away prize money. But also on an individual level, as an artist, don’t shy away from challenges, getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your skills to their limits is where you really start to grow as an artist. You might surprise yourself.

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